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For Montreal meetings or events that are truly designed to impress, Hotel le Crystal is the premier choice. Our experienced meeting and event planners are there to assist and advise you on all aspects of creating a successful event with every minute detail in mind.

At Hotel le Crystal, experience our discreet, attentive service in the knowledge that you can relax and expect everything from refreshments to meal catering to be entirely taken care of.

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Our hotel meeting and event planners have gained extensive knowledge concerning the trends and details specific to a client’s particular needs. These creative, skilled and tactful professionals work hard behind the scenes to create an atmosphere of calm elegance and service. They can organize any event, no matter the size or amount of details that need to be addressed.

Sophisticated and savvy, meeting and event planners at Hotel le Crystal meet with clients to determine exactly what is needed for the event in question and they do so with precision and care. This peace of mind allows those leading conferences, events and celebrations to focus on essentials rather than on practicalities.

Our meeting and event planners will:
• Determine the type of event being held and what is required for its success
• Create lists of items required such as audio visual equipment, white-boards, etc.
• Arrange for food, décor and entertainment
• Send invitations to attendees
• Arrange accommodations
• Coordinate the activities of event personnel
• Supervise at the site
• Conduct evaluations of the event
• Suggest menu options
• Ensure the room is stocked with adequate refreshments
• Create the atmosphere desired with appropriate linens and decorations
• Arrange seating and tables
• Provide valuable troubleshooting services

Consulting a meeting and event planner from Hotel le Crystal ensures that your event will go smoothly, remain on schedule and on task and will therefore be stress free. They will make sure clients have all of the necessary information to make relevant decisions concerning the day of the event. From large corporate banquets to intimate cocktails, Hotel le Crystal will provide the perfect person to conceive and coordinate the consummate function.