Soirées Art & Bulles
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From September 2013, Hotel Le Crystal and Restaurant La Coupole will organize the Soirées Art & Bulles aiming at promoting local artists. This monthly event will take place in the beautiful Wine Bar.  Those themed evenings will take place on a monthly basis, as a 5 to 7 cocktail, in a chic and laid back ambiance. Every month, we will highlight the work of an artist by displaying the key pieces of his/her creations. Music, small snacks and bubbles will enhance the ambiance of the evening and will allow the guests to exchange on the works presented, both, among themselves or with the artist.

The Wine Bar is the perfect place for your Happy Hour or any private events. Come visit now!

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Soirées Art & Bulles Video:
Soirées Art & Bulles

O-artiste / Painter

Lili-Rouge / Cosmetics

Maire-Louise Beauchesne / Jeweller

Distorted Painting / Painter

Manik Fashion | Designer

Fazü Design | Jeweller

Damien Francoeur | Digital Artist

This Ilk | Jeweller

Music, small snacks and bubbles will enhance the ambiance!